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New Project Site

Barefoot Conservation is proud to announce a new project site for our Marine Conservation and Community awareness project in Indonesia. 

Our new project site is located right in the heart of the Coral Triangle in an area know as Raja Ampat. Situated off the coast of Western Papua in the east of Indonesia, this truly is a diving paradise and an epicenter of marine biodiversity.

The archipelago of Raja Ampat, or "Four Kings", is made up of over 1500 small islands and cays, although only 35 of them are inhabited including the four main islands, or ‘Kings’, of Misool, Salawati, Batanta, and Waigeo. 

Raja Ampat’s unique position on the cusp of two oceans; the Indian and Pacific, is to thank for the areas incredible biodiversity. Powerful deep-sea currents sweep nutrients into Raja Ampat’s eager reefs, the life source for it’s booming populations. The same currents carry the regions larvae across the oceans to repopulate reefs in other parts of the ocean.   This area’s importance to marine conservation extends far beyond its tropical borders.