Where does the money I pay for the expedition go

on 17 October, 2012

The majority of the money you paid will go to the day to day running of the project you are on, accommodation, food, fuel and local staff wages. A proportion of it will also go to the community projects you're involved in while on the expedition. So your money may help buy new school books for the local children, building materials for the new community center or vaccinations to protect the villagers against many otherwise deadly diseases.

At Barefoot Conservation we are a true believer in transparency. We want you to know that your money is going directly to the people that need it and that you really are making a difference.

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  • Barefoot Conservation will offer me the opportunity to dive some of the most pristine waters in the world, whilst contributing to the marine environment's conservation...bring on my expedition!! 

    Dave Hope-Thomson MSc
  • Barefoot Conservation is leading conservation efforts in one of the Earth's last pristine marine environments, by working not only to assess biodiversity value of the ecosystems but also working with local communities to raise awareness and capacities to ensure the sustainable use of natural resources into the future.  

    Joel Scriven PhD