Allie Meyers

I had an amazing experience during my 8 weeks of volunteering with Barefoot Conservation in Raja Ampat. Barefoot gave me the opportunity to enjoy the local communities culture, teach local children english, through the marine science and survey work I learned a substantial amount about these bio diverse ecosystems while contributing to the conservation of them, and i was also able to dive in some of the most pristine reefs in the world, while living in paradise.  

Allie Meyers Ex-Vol

Mattea Clarke

I actually did my first ever dive whilst on a coral reef conservation project, and I’ve been hooked ever since! Waking up every morning to go diving in crystal blue waters was just incredible. I made such fantastic friends with the other guys on the team!

Dr Mattea Clarke MBChB

James Sharpe

Having done a marine conservation expedition in the past I am very excited that I will be joining this project and get to dive in such a natural and culturally diverse area of the world. 

James Sharpe BSc

Joel Scriven

Barefoot Conservation is leading conservation efforts in one of the Earth's last pristine marine environments, by working not only to assess biodiversity value of the ecosystems but also working with local communities to raise awareness and capacities to ensure the sustainable use of natural resources into the future.  

Joel Scriven PhD

Dave Hope-Thomson

Barefoot Conservation will offer me the opportunity to dive some of the most pristine waters in the world, whilst contributing to the marine environment's conservation...bring on my expedition!! 

Dave Hope-Thomson MSc

Our advantages

  • Please check out the list below, for just a few of the advantages your receive when joining an expedition with us... 

    • Diving in the most bio-diverse area in the world
    • Amazing Community Projects
    • See the difference you make first hand
    • Accommodation on paradise beach location
    • High quality and well serviced scuba diving equipment
    • When possible a qualified doctor/nurse or medic available on site