World News report on Raja Ampat "Underwater Eden"

RAJA AMPAT, Indonesia — Throughout time, explorers have combed the farthest reaches of the world for that one shot of discovering new life.

Dr. Mark Erdmann has taken that shot 89 times.

Since coming to Indonesia in 1992 as a young Ph.D. student from the University of California Berkeley, Dr. Erdmann has been deeply immersed in the exploration and conservation of the underwater worlds of Indonesia and South East Asia, helping to discover 89 species across the region.

His interest in Raja Ampat — an archipelago of over 1,500 small islands in Western Papua — started while living in a small fishing community in South Sulawesi, where his local fishermen neighbors regularly came back from fishing trips speaking of reefs teeming with fish and sharks.

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Jakarta Post report on "Stopping Shark poachers in Raja Ampat"

Poaching is a serious problem in Raja Ampat. Barefoot Conservation will contribute to a solution by diving to document populations and through our community projects, which will provide livelihood diversification opportunities so people won't have to hunt this precious animal in order to make enough money to feed their children.

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