Sophie Hawkins
United Kingdom
Diving with Mantas was insane, everything about it was epic!

I loved living on a remote island with the best group of people, snorkelling off of the amazing house reef, watching the stars, and learning tonnes about the marine life.

Inga Van Den Bossche
United Kingdom
This trip was one of the best of my life!

I enjoyed every moment of it, from teaching children English, to being taught Bahasa myself, and from bonding with the fishing community as with the fish themselves. It has absolutely changed my life to see all the marine biology there is to discover and I cannot wait to further my studies in this field and deepen myself into what the ocean still has to offer.

Anique Landre
The Netherlands
Great Staff! Experienced marine biologists and dive instructor!

The location, their private jetty. Totally surrounded by nature. A true paradise!

Theo L


I really had a nice time on Arborek

I'll never forget staying on Arborek with amazing people, diving, sunbathing, going to school, playing with the kids.


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