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Barefoot Conservation's Mission & Goals



Barefoot Conservation's mission is to work in partnership with the Raja Ampat local government, local Papuan Communities and stakeholders, to protect the coral reefs of Raja Ampat and the communities that rely on them.

This partnership is bonded by a willingness to make a real difference, and the understanding that research, survey dives and Marine Protected Areas cannot work unless accompanied by education and the sustained alleviation of poverty.

Our projects are designed to work at a grass roots level, thus making a real difference to real people, and a difference that each volunteer can see and be a part of.


  • To conduct marine underwater surveys using the Reef Check methodology, collecting data, for the use in advising local government, local communities and other NGO partners, on the health of coral reefs and marine life in Marine Protected Areas (MPA's).
  • Produce a local Manta Ray Identification (ID) database, through underwater manta ray surveys. Sharing collected data with local government and NGO partners.
  • Monitor the number of Crown of Thorns starfish (COTs) in the region, undertaking COTs removal dives during large outbreaks. 
  • Undertake educational programmes on environmental issues, sustainable fishing techniques (if necessary) and the economic benefits of MPA's.
  • Increase quality of life and alleviate poverty in local communities, through our community projects - Education, Waste Management, Health Clinics, Family Planning, Dental Hygiene, Renewable Energy.
  • Encourage entrepreneurial attitudes to deter from unsustainable destructive activities like Shark finning, Manta Ray gill raking or dynamite fishing.




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